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How get rid of Fat

The concept of rebellious fat, or complicated to eliminate, is usually stored in the following places: legs, abdomen, lumbars or glutes. The reasons why these...


Foods and Macronutrients

It is a great idea to visualize the different foods in each macronutrient. Those that are merely protein, carbohydrates and fats, those that are mixed, for...


Walnut Milk Recipe

If you did not know, nuts are tremendously nutritious and healthy. Research has determined that a diet that includes nuts daily will translate into a longer...


Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple cider vinegar is a natural and powerful tool to look and feel better. It helps to lose fat: for many reasons, first, it helps to lower blood glucose and...


3 Recipes using Almonds

With these 3 recipes you can use most of the almonds: Almonds leaf: Cover with water 3 cups of almonds without skin (this is if you want to make the cheese...


How to Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common and frequent complaints between men and women … The causes? It can be for multiple reasons: bad posture, you spend a...

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