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Why you do not see results?

You eat too much: Even if it sounds obvious, many will go over calories because they underestimate what they eat. There are those who believe that with the...


Lose Fat with this Tips

We know thatĀ gettingĀ a fat loss regimen can be a bit tricky at first, so we will be teaching you these simple steps so you can do it efficiently: Buy only...


What about Fat?

When stored body fat is burned (as a source of energy), the fat cell (also called adipocyte) goes nowhere. The CELL is not lost. Unfortunately, the fat cells...


Losing Fat Tips

If your goal is to lower fat, it is very important that you gradually start the change, try to incorporate these tips per week and you will see how little by...


Losing Weight or Losing Fat?

Some people believe that when they lose weight it is because they are lowering their body fat index, but this is not necessarily so, losing weight is simply...

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