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Less food = Less calories?

Myth: “My weight loss plan is going great, I skip some meals because: fewer meals, fewer calories, right?” NO WONDER DREAMS! As many who will read...


Fats Myth

Myth: “I think fat is what’s making me fat, Licensed, so I stopped consuming it completely and now.” This thought is SO Eighty’s! Once...


3 Cardiovascular Myths

The cardiovascular, our great ally to burn many calories, lose fat, relieve stress, strengthen the heart and raise endorphins. All that is true, cardiovascular...


Fitness Myth

This is one of the craziest myths we’ve heard and do not know how many people believe this. On several occasions we have told you about the importance of...


What about Sauna?

Some people believe that one of the best strategies to lose weight is to get into a sauna for hours and hours, because they believe that the more they sweat...


Crossfit Myths

Crossfit is a sport known because of it’s demanding¬†physical activity, most of the times it tends to create a lot of questions in different social...


Bodybuilding Myths

Today we will develop certain myths related to bodybuilding, the same have been established previously by F. Columbu, in his book “Winning Bodybuilding:...

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