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Salmon Burgers Recipe

The interesting thing about a healthy lifestyle is that you can always have different options, just as delicious and that are the best options for your body...


Stuffed Eggs Recipe

The egg is a food that can be used in different combinations and meals, that is why today we will teach you to make healthy stuffed eggs, pending the recipe...


Walnut Milk Recipe

If you did not know, nuts are tremendously nutritious and healthy. Research has determined that a diet that includes nuts daily will translate into a longer...


Healthy Granola Recipe

For today’s article we will teach you how to make healthy granola, perfect for maintaining your energy Ingredients to make at least 6 cups of granola (or...


Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Today we will leave you this Vegan Ice Cream Recipe: Ingredients for the Ice Cream: 2 frozen bananas 1 cup of avocado, chopped (can not be green, must be...


Healthy Cereal Bars Recipe

These bars are very healthy and delicious, ideal for children and their lunchboxes, or for us when it causes us to snack sweet and crispy in the morning; Are...


Pumpkin Pie Light Recipe

The pumpkin cake is delicious and very light, in addition to being suitable for people intolerant to gluten and dairy. Ingredients: 1/2 large auyama. 2 eggs...


Cheesecake Vegan Recipe

We want to share with you this recipe, is one of those designated to share on special occasions because it is expensive but yields a lot. It is a vegan cheese...


Quinoa Muffins Recipe

Today we will be putting together a healthy recipe that will help you keep your cravings for dessert to the limit and at healthy levels: Ingredients (for 6...

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