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Take Care of your Lumbar Zone

Generally, when training our back or abs, we completely neglect our lower back, which is a very serious mistake, because, although it seems insignificant, we...


Toning Exercises for Women

This circuit is especially directed to women, it is only more focused on strengthening and toning the areas that are more demanded by women, such as buttocks...


Femoral and Glutes Routine

This is a great routine for working the legs, specifically the femoral ones, and the glutes, it was stablished by Sascha Barboza, in her book “The...


Glutes Exercise

Squats Are one of the most complete exercises we can find, helping to strengthen the glutes, working the quadriceps or thighs and, depending on the type we...


Big Booty Exercises

This video is based on two main exercises to achieve a big booty, don’t you miss the way it is done in the video and pay attention to the information...


Jumping Squats Exercise

Today’s video is based on Jumping Squats, the principal thing you should know is that there is no standard that defines the movement of the squat with...


Advanced Training Exercises

According to the authors, J. Clémenceau and F. Delavier, in his book “Fitness: Anatomical description of movements, a dream silhouette within the reach...

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