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Coffee and Training

Besides speeding up the metabolism. Providing antioxidants and giving energy, coffee decreases muscle soreness after training, that pain that lasts a couple of...


Full Body Training

Upper Body Parts Training: This is a chest and biceps routine. Women can breastfeed quietly, as long as it is with a weight that allows to reach the 20...


Weekend Exercise Routine

It is common that when Friday’s arrive, many get carried away by their food trap and turn it into a full weekend of “cheating”. But when you...


Bootcamp Training

The Bootcamp is a high intensity training. Which consists of making different circuits with exercises of speed, strength and flexibility, using body weight and...


Train Abs Tips

You do not have to do abdominal exercises daily or do 1000 repetitions, just do three times a week three different exercises, doing three sets of 25...


Training Techniques

Today we will talk about a series of techniques that will help improve your physical performance and the results you expect from your workouts: Inverted...


Weights Training

Dumbbells are instruments featured in resistance training, and are your great allies when you seek to transform your body. They adapt to your needs and mold...

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