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Train Bigger Arms

Usually we observe people in the gym working the biceps and trying to grow them, although there are many people who can not do it because they do not perform...


B Side of Training

High intensity slim. FALSE :¬†You’ll sweat a lot, that’s for sure. You will harden and tone, yes. You will generate some muscle and, in that sense...


Mistakes during Training

Skipping the warm up: It is important to prepare the muscles and tendons for the training requirements. It is advisable to warm up with cardiovascular exercise...


Coffee and Training

Besides speeding up the metabolism. Providing antioxidants and giving energy, coffee decreases muscle soreness after training, that pain that lasts a couple of...


Full Body Training

Upper Body Parts Training: This is a chest and biceps routine. Women can breastfeed quietly, as long as it is with a weight that allows to reach the 20...


Weekend Exercise Routine

It is common that when Friday’s arrive, many get carried away by their food trap and turn it into a full weekend of “cheating”. But when you...

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