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You don’t eat Vegetables?

Vegetables are considered fibrous carbohydrates, yes, because fiber is a type of complex carbohydrate that your body does not assimilate and does not raise...


How to Lower Triglycerides

In our body the fat is stored and circulates in the form of triglycerides. A very close person took the courage a little high and asked what you should do...


9 Healthy Foods with Fiber

These are the 9 healthiest foods with the most fiberĀ for your body: Chia seeds: they are small nutrient pumps filled with omega-3 and fiber. 1 tablespoon chia...


9 Guns against Cortisol

Consume these 9 foods and supplements to balance your cortisol levels and improve body composition. Cortisol is not that it is the enemy, it becomes...


Tips for Measuring Portions

These tips are general, there are always exceptions in terms of metabolism, insulin sensitivity, physical activity, etc. Carbohydrates: Cooked: type brown...


Dinner Tips

Preparing dinner as God commands: Protein: Is super important in this meal, mainly because you will spend between six and eight hours sleeping and your muscles...


Vegetable Source Calcium

Vegetables, seeds and nuts, are a better source of calcium than dairy products, in the countries that consume more milk are the ones with the highest...


Raw or Cooked Vegetables?

Will it be smart to consume absolutely all raw food instead of cooked? Well, no. Some foods are better raw and some are better cooked. Vegetables have hundreds...


Train Abs Tips

You do not have to do abdominal exercises daily or do 1000 repetitions, just do three times a week three different exercises, doing three sets of 25...


Fight Against Constipation

Constipation is one of the worst ills we can suffer, and is that not only generates pain and discomfort, but also makes us feel uncomfortable and can even put...

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