This is how you should have breakfast

Caring is basic. There are no excuses. Practicing sports regularly and eating healthy is essential to good health and feeling good. Each athlete must adapt the diet to their energy expenditure. We give you some tips to make it easier for you. Remember that there is a rule, 60-15-25, which indicates that a good breakfast has to have 60% hydrates, 15% protein and 25% healthy fats. But taking into account that the physical wear and tear of an athlete in the background (running, cycling, swimming …) is greater, we do not have to forget to put in protein as well, since they help the muscle to recover.

Let’s say the essential thing for our breakfast would be the hydrates, the fruit, the dairy and add some protein. As for hydrates we have it very easy, in bread or cereals we have it in abundance. Better if it is integral, since they are hydrates of slow absorption, they contain much fiber and diverse vitamins of the group b. A very interesting cereal to keep in mind is oats as it contains many slow absorption hydrates, which will give us energy in the long run.

As for the dairy we can find diverse opinions, since there are people who digest lactose badly. In these cases it would not be a bad idea to replace it with some kind of vegetable drink, or yogurts, as they are better digested. Derivatives, such as fresh cheese, can also be included in this group. Green tea with honey would be a good resource to replace coffee with milk (for which you can not take it), since it hydrates you, stimulates you and brings you antioxidants.
What to say about the fruit that has not already been said. It hydrates us and also has minerals and fiber, also containing hydrates of fast absorption. The most frequent is to take a good orange juice, starting the day with a good intake of vitamin c.
We have already commented before that we do not have to forget the protein. We have to add it although not ingest it in large quantities. The egg whites contain a lot, and we can also add it in our first meal of the day including a few slices of turkey, for example.

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