Training Techniques

Today we will talk about a series of techniques that will help improve your physical performance and the results you expect from your workouts:

  • Inverted pyramid:

In this type of training the weight decreases as the repetitions increase. For example, suppose you are doing a dumbbell curl, you start with a weight that only allows you to complete 10 repetitions, you do the 10 repetitions, you wait 30 or 60 seconds and then you take a lighter weight (30% less), and you do 12 or 15 repetitions. In the next series you lower the weight but do 20 repetitions and so on. This method improves endurance and muscle capacity, and helps deepen muscle cuts.

  • Series descendants or drop sets:

This method is especially suitable for increasing the intensity of training, helps burn more calories and improve the definition and cardiovascular system. Suppose you are in the leg extension machine and start with two or three sets of 20 repetitions, in the last two series you do some descendants starting with a weight with which you can complete 5 or 8 repetitions, and then lower that weight by 30 %, Do another 5 or 8 more, and lower the weight again.

  • Pliometrics:

They are a type of training designed to create fast, powerful and explosive movements. They consist of rapid stretching of the muscle in the eccentric phase, which is immediately followed by a concentric (shrink) phase. This type of workout fatigues the muscles and is excellent for defining and burning a lot of calories. Some exercises of this type are: jumps with squats, jump in box (box jump), jumps with bursts, climbers of mountain (mountain climbers), etc. Ideally, practice them after training.

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