Weight Relevance

Weight is one of the least relevant measures in the fitness lifestyle.

Just as you read, it is not the best indicator of progress. Weight does not differentiate between weight and fat, it does not tell how your body composition is or how fit you are.

Someone who weighs 62 kilos with 39% fat is going to look very different from a 62 kilos person with 19% body fat. And yes, two people can have the same height, weigh the same and look totally different. Why? Because its body composition is different: one has more weight in fat and another more weight in muscle mass. A kilo of fat occupies twice as much space as a kilo of muscle, the density of both is different, there lies the difference. Let’s look at some important issues regard to weight:

  1. The weight varies during the day, between 1 to 2 kilos. If you weigh yourself at night and ride the scale again the next morning you will see a difference. Did you lose fat while you slept? Not at that speed! You actually lost water. Your body is made of between 60% to 70% of liquid, and water retention in the body varies during the day. The amount of water you drink during the day, the food you eat, the amount of sodium you eat in a day, how much or how little you sweat, hormonal fluctuations (especially in the case of women), the hormonal cycle in The one we are … all these factors interfere a lot. The week before a woman has the period can increase by one to two kilos, and this is pure water, it is something temporary.
  2. Being constantly creates obsessions. You are letting a number determine how you feel when in reality that number does not tell the absolute truth.
  3. When you eat healthy and train, you gradually increase muscle mass, the metabolism is accelerated, your hormonal environment improves, the sensitivity to insulin rises, you burn more calories a day and you lose fat. The number on the scale is not so surprising, but your body composition has improved a lot; You lost a couple of sizes, you look much better, you feel much better, and that’s what really matters! Not that blessed number on the scale. Do not give him that power over you.

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