What about Fat?

When stored body fat is burned (as a source of energy), the fat cell (also called adipocyte) goes nowhere. The CELL is not lost. Unfortunately, the fat cells stay right where they are. Above the muscles and under the skin, in the thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, etc. What happens is that the fat cell simply releases its contents into the bloodstream as free fatty acids. When fatty acids are released from fat cells, the cells are reduced and that’s why you look thinner, the cell is inflated when you get fat and get flat when you lose.

Each of us is born with a predetermined number of fat cells. This number may increase, especially in childhood and pre-adolescence (one of the reasons to care for children), and in cases of extreme obesity, but they can NOT decrease, except when using drastic (and dangerous) measures like The liposuction. The only way to lose “fat cells” is with lipo, and do not lose them evenly, so when you increase again many times you see irregularities in the skin. Let’s say you broke the perfect harmony of fat cells you had, where is that excess fat going to go when you overeat? The rest of the remaining cells will no longer be evenly inflated.

Body fat is basically a backup power source.

The fat cell is the storehouse for this energy in the form of triglycerides (fat). The cell grows or shrinks in size depending on how you eat and exercise. Imagine a balloon deflated of those that fill with water in carnival: It is small when it is not full of air or water. When blowing with air, it can be enlarged to 10 or 20 times its normal size, simply filled. That’s what happens with fat cells: they’re almost empty (when you’re lean / defined), and when calorie intake exceeds your needs / what you burn, cells inflate like balloons.

When you burn more calories, energy, than you consume, your body releases hormones and enzymes that tell fat cells to release fat instead of keeping it stored. The stored fat (energy) is released into the bloodstream as fatty acids and transported to the muscles where energy is needed. As blood flow to active muscles increases, more fatty acids are brought to the muscles that need them. An important enzyme called lipoprotein lipase helps fatty acids enter the mitochondria of muscle cells where they are burned as a source of energy, you had to have once heard in the biology class the word mitochondria, it is like the level energy factory Cellular, where it is carried out the production of energy, is where popularly: the fat is burned. And in the meantime, the “fat cells” follow where they were before, over your muscles, under the skin in the area of ​​the thighs, abdomen, arms, etc. Hoping that you will exceed calories, lower your physical activity to re-inflate with fat.

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