White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

Rice is one of the most commonly used complex carbohydrates at lunch. In the market you can find this grain in two presentations: White rice and Brown rice.

Brown rice is the unrefined version of white rice, so it has more nutrients. One cup of brown rice has 80% of daily manganese recommendations, is high in selenium, calcium, antioxidants, is low in glycemic load, gluten free and high in fiber. It digests much slower than white rice, so it will make you feel more satisfied.

Unlike brown rice, white rice lacks fiber because it is a refined food, this grain is rich in starch, therefore has a high glycemic index, when ingested triggers the values ​​of glucose in the blood, the body secretes more insulin to be able to digest it = accumulation of fat.

That’s why we recommend brown rice, it’s an excellent choice as a complete carbohydrate for lunch. ½ cup if you are female, 1 cup if you are male. Always accompany with protein and vegetables.

  • How do you prepare it?

Brown rice has no complications whatsoever. If you have a much better rice paddy, we’ll prepare it myself! Wash well before cooking, for each cup of rice add 3 cups of water.

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