Why you do not see results?

  • You eat too much:

Even if it sounds obvious, many will go over calories because they underestimate what they eat. There are those who believe that with the story that you have to eat every 3 hours (which is true) you sit down to eat large plates of food and it is not the right thing to do. To speed up the metabolism you have to eat 6 times small amounts a day. Another thing, there are some who believe that when they stop eating carbohydrates, they can eat whatever they want. And it is not like that. You must control how much calories comes from protein or carbohydrates. The ideal is to have a plan, write down everything you eat so you can see better results.

  • You eat a lot of starchy carbohydrates:

When we talk about these carbohydrates, we mean oats, sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta … Most people have little carbohydrate tolerance or poor sensitivity To insulin, or do not train enough to counteract and justify this carbohydrate intake. When you consume lots of carbohydrates, you secrete insulin and this prevents fat burning. It is not a question of eliminating them but of controlling the quantity and eating them at an early hour of the day.

  • What you include and DO NOT count:

There are foods you add in your meals and you do not count them. The ketchup and raisins in the salad are very high in sugar, the olive oil is healthy as long as it is measured, each tablespoon has 160 cal. Try to eat as natural as possible, season the meals with natural spices and you will see results very soon.

  • Takes Too Many Protein Shakes:

Of course they have their benefits! But everything in excess is bad. It is liquid protein and is digested very fast. The body burns more calories when it digests solid foods. It is advisable to take one merengada a day if you are female and two for men, you know! It is not to substitute meals for the smoothie. It’s eating real food!

  • Excess of nuts:

You eat lots of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts. Eating a bag of nuts equals nearly 600 calories. of the good stuff, a little! Max. 30 gr. up to date. That way you control your appetite and regulate your insulin levels.

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