5 Foods that make you Fatter than you think

Well, to try to clear some unknowns related to this subject, we will offer you 5 foods that make us gain weight, and that we are not always aware of the danger involved. So, try to consume them in moderation and do not abuse your consumption excessively. Especially, if your purpose is to lose weight.

  1. Packaged corn: When summer arrives, we multiply the desire we have for eating corn in all kinds of salads. I’m not going to fool you, and this is one of my favorite accessories to make a salad. And, if we consume it directly from an ear (previously washed, even with vinegar to eliminate any type of harmful compound that has), it is a source of carbohydrates quite healthy. The problem comes, when for lack of time, and for practicality we turn to the packaged product. In this case, what will happen is that the amount of added sugars is increased. Increasing too, their calories, and the worst nutritional value of the food itself. Come on, this is a bad option on comparative level with natural food.
  2. Juices: It is one of the types of food that grow more silent. And that, is that many times we think they are offensive because they are fruit. But, first, industrial juices possess a ridiculous amount of natural fruit. And secondly, even fruit juices, because of the high concentration of fructose in the liquid, gain more weight than eating the whole fruit.
  3. Cereals: Another of the most potentially dangerous foods that exist. Cereals are a caloric bomb that we must control closely. In case they are not sugary, the amount of them, can not be exorbitated by what can make us fat. And, as I explained in this article, get as far away from sugary cereals as possible. They are a real time bomb for our health.
  4. Agave syrup: Following the recent demonization of sugar, one of the products most used as a substitute is the agave syrup. The reason is that it is low in glucose and yes in fructose. Although more natural, it is still another source of sugar for the body. Therefore, it is important to regulate and moderate consumption. Not that sugar is the worst in the world, but what is true, that we must try to keep your intake under control.
  5. Light food: Be very careful with this label. Among the worst foods that fatten, we can find them in its light version. And not for this, they must be healthy, not low in calories. That is, for a food to be light, it must only have 30% fewer calories than the original. What about those foods that have an exaggerated amount of calories and are light? Although fat less, they are still potentially dangerous to our body weight.

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