8 Foods you should eat after Training

  1. Plums: Without a doubt, one of the most powerful sugar sources we can take for after training. Plums possess large amounts of a type of sugar called dextrose. This is a very fast absorption nutrient, which helps our body to have energy as soon as possible after exercise.
  2. Rice toast: A very interesting source of carbohydrate to recover the energies after finishing a hard workout. Although it is not a food that is recommended to abuse in normal circumstances if we are on a diet, the truth is that just after training, it will help our body recover the empty glycogen.
  3. Serrano ham: It is an excellent source of high quality proteins and fats. Although high in calories, the nutritional quality of mountain ham is tremendously large. So, it can certainly be a very interesting alternative to shuffle to eat right after our workouts.
  4. Fresh cheese 0%: It is a delicious food, and high in protein of good quality. It contributes both carbohydrates and proteins, not having fat to add, so the calories it gives us are exclusively from the macronutrients that we are interested in recovering.
  5. Orange juice: Instead of resorting to an isotonic drink, we can opt for an orange juice better. It is a powerful source of natural sugars that will replenish energy supplies exhausted at lightning speed. But it is advisable not to abuse the amount of orange juice ingested, because the concentration of sugars and calories that it possesses are much higher than when consuming the whole fruit (in addition to losing the fiber).
  6. Kefir: Although not very well known, kefir is a fermented milk drink that can be a recursion when it comes to being chosen as a food for after training. Kefir contains about 14 grams of protein. This type of nutrient, as we have seen previously, will require us to recover right after training. The reasons, in addition to recovering the amount of protein spent during exercise, is that it is the nutrient that our body needs to recover damaged muscles.
  7. Bananas: The banana, a fruit rich in potassium and natural sugar, because unlike the refined, fructose is healthier for our body. The absorption of the banana is faster than other types of fruits. So it is not surprising that the habit of including one of these fruits to eat right after training has been established.
  8. Nuts and almonds: Almonds and walnuts are the foods for after training with which we close. They are one of the best nuts we can take when carrying a healthy diet. Although, they are a food that stands out especially for the quantity of fats of first quality that they contribute to us, it is not necessary to be dismissed that they are a very complete nutritional source. The reason is, they are quite rich in protein and in calories. What it will do, without doubt that our body regenerates at a greater speed.

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