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The concept of rebellious fat, or complicated to eliminate, is usually stored in the following places: legs, abdomen, lumbars or glutes. The reasons why these are housed there, have to do with the fat receptors. In fact, sometimes the way our body stores fats is strange not obeying aesthetic standards. Hence, let’s see thin people, with gut or with a certain part in which there is fat.

Many times, given the difficulty of knowing how to burn abdominal fat, we are faced with a lot of doubts. It is totally normal, since it is not a protocol at all simple. But, first of all, we would like to point out that it is not possible to eliminate fat in a localized way, and that to achieve this, we must carry out a dietary and sports process that works to eradicate it in a general way.

To do this, we will need to restrict the calories consumed. Like bodybuilders do, they undergo a process of definition, in which they try to eliminate the highest percentage of body fat. When doing a diet of these characteristics, week by week, we will lose a greater amount of fat in general level. And even, the rebellious fat in the abdomen may also fade.

But, there comes a point, in which the number of calories we have cut is so great, that if we remove more, it can be dangerous. Among other reasons, because we are going to spend a really incredible hunger, and we are going to lose a lot of muscle mass in the process. Then we are faced with the problem of what we should do.

To achieve this, we recommend an optimal protocol, with which we can get burn rebellious abdominal fat:

  1. First of all, is to cause a strong calorie deficit. Which means being below the basal metabolic rate about 1,000-1,5000 calories.
  2. The amount of protein we should consume, should be raised. That is, we must increase them to 2.5 grams per kilo of weight.
  3. Carbohydrates should be complex. And if possible, rich in fiber to increase our satiety.
  4. Green tea and caffeine, can help us burn fat if we consume more in this time. Dandelion, may be useful to eliminate fluid retention.

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