How to Build your Legs at Home

We will proceed to explain what are the main points that we must master in order to get slim legs in a smart and relatively fast. The secret will be to follow each of the points, as we proceed to explain in the following points.

Before we get into each of them, we’ll explain what they will be:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplementation
  4. Break
  5. Diet

The diet, without a doubt, is the most important aspect to get to know how to thin the legs. As much as we try to get it with exercise, and a million different supplements, we are not going to eliminate fat stored in the legs if we abuse high calorie products, and with a bad nutritional profile.

And, what aspects should we take into account about diet when it comes to removing fat from the legs? we are going to give you a series of important guidelines that regulate to maximize our diet as much as possible:

  • Hydrates: Carbohydrates should be controlled. It does not mean that we keep a diet that cuts them brutally, but it is important that fruits and vegetables are the basis of ingested hydrates. Pasta, rice or potato, although they are rich foods and quite good for their nutritional properties, we must control the quantities.
  • Calories: We should follow a diet that consumes fewer calories than we need to maintain ourselves. If we are in caloric surplus, our body will not burn fat off our legs. So, it’s important that we know about the maintenance calories, to control them. We do not say that we weigh all the meals, but we do become aware of what we are eating.
  • Proteins: Are the most important macronutrient. Also, that during a diet to thin the legs, we will need to include more protein to prevent the muscle fibers of the body are maintained. And is that when we lose weight, like it or not, we are going to burn muscle mass. The point is to try to make it as small as possible.
  • Fats: No, fats are not the devil. Nor does it mean that our diet has to be made up mostly of fats, but it should account for 15-25% of the total calories consumed. The sources of quality fats, should consist of avocado, need, almonds, salmon …

Exercises: Physical exercise is essential to convert legs free of adipose tissues, and to cause a muscular recomposition on a large scale. That is, change the fat by muscle tissue, which is not the same as converting it. Because, taking advantage of the issue, we tell you that fat does not transform into muscle.

But, what are the best exercises to know how to lose your legs at home? Next, we will offer you a series of exercises at home with which you can tone strengthen your legs. They are suitable to be made from home, so you will not see complex movements that need machines to be made:

  1. Squatting with body weight
  2. Romanian deadlift
  3. Bulgarian squat
  4. Step
  5. Sumo squat
  6. Strides
  7. Donkey kick
  8. Hip thrust
  9. Burpee
  10. Nordic curl
  11. Supplementation

The consumption of certain supplements, can help us to improve the results in obtaining to have more molded legs from home. But, first of all, I want to indicate that it is much more important to eat well than to take X or Y supplement. And, is that it is quite important that we keep in mind that they are not miracle products.

But for example, fat burners, supplements that combined with a healthy diet, and physical exercise, can help us to eliminate calories and fat more quickly and effectively. It is especially useful when it comes to getting rid of the rebellious fat (in the link, we explain what this type of body fat), so in certain cases, you can give us a hand in achieving our goals.

Breaks: Rest, although it seems one of the least important aspects in knowing how to thin the legs, which is true, is that it contributes to the improvement of muscle tone, and physical recovery. Although, within these points, it is possibly one of the less relevant aspects, it will help us to achieve this.
But for what real reasons? Here are some of the main points that rest has on reducing the amount of fat in your legs:

  1. Enhances metabolic activity, making the body more efficient by burning fat
  2. Use the calories more efficiently than when we rest poorly.
  3. Regulates the appetite, causing us to consume less junk food than usual

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