Mr. Olympia Competition

This competition was created in 1965 by Joe Weider to keep all Mr. Olympia champions active in the sport and to give them the opportunity to win money by competing, this makes this competition as  the place where only the champions can go.

Mister Olympia is a professional bodybuilding competition, held annually and hosts the best bodybuilders from around the world. Organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB). From its beginnings it is considered the competition with higher level and the one that decides who is the best bodybuilder of the world. The competitors taking part in this contest come from a demanding prior classification.

Those top 20 finishers of the previous year’s Olympia or the Arnold Classic of the same year, the top 10 of the Ironman, the top 5 of each of the calendar professional competitions or the first classified of the World Professional Master Championship. In addition those who have been Mr. Olympia have the lifelong right to be able to classify.

Then, we leave an index of articles related to this competition, which we will be updating constantly:

  • History of Mr. Olympia:
  1. All you have to know about Mr. Olympia –…about-mr-olympia/
  2. Bodybuilding Myths –
  3. Bodybuilding Stages –
  4. Curious facts about Mr. Olympia –
  5. Eugen Sandow’s History –
  • Mr. Olympia – Men’s edition:
  1. 212 Pounds Competition – Mr. Olympia 2017 –…-mr-olympia-2017/
  2. All you have to know about Dallas McCarver –…-dallas-mccarver/
  3. Bodybuilders Curiosities –
  4. Classic Physique Competition –
  5. Disqualification Cases in Mr. Olympia –…es-in-mr-olympia/
  6. Frank Zane’s History –
  7. General Important Aspects in Bodybuilding Competition – Part 1 –…mpetition-part-1/
  8. General Important Aspects in Bodybuilding Competition – Part 2 –…mpetition-part-2/
  9. History of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mr. Olympia. –…er-in-mr-olympia/
  10. Jay Cutler’s Tips –
  11. Larry Dee Scott’s History –
  12. Main events at Mr. Olympia –
  13. Men’s Physique – Mr. Olympia, 2017 –
  14. Sergio Oliva’s History –
  15. Six Rules of Success by Dorian Yates –…-by-dorian-yates/
  • Mr. Olympia – Women’s edition:
  1. Bikini Model Search – Mr. Olympia –
  2. Cory Everson and Ms. Olympia –
  3. Fitness Competition – About Rules –
  4. Lenda Murray and Ms. Olympia –
  5. Main Event: Bikini Olympia –
  6. Mrs. Olympia Examples –
  7. Women’s Physique – Mr. Olympia, 2017 –

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