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Usually we observe people in the gym working the biceps and trying to grow them, although there are many people who can not do it because they do not perform the exercises correctly, and it is simple that the development of routines to train biceps is not the all right.

It is important first of all to be aware of the characteristics of this muscle, and is that we should not forget that although strong, it is small and therefore the concentration of fibers is less than in other muscles. Starting from this base we do not have to ignore certain points that we usually do badly at the time of training the biceps, and that it is important that we correct in order to progress correctly.
When it comes to working the biceps, as we have said in previous occasions, it is important that we isolate as much as we can the muscle that we are going to train, and it is that especially in the biceps exercises usually enter into scene other muscles like the triceps or The deltoids that serve as help. We also often use our back to push ourselves and lift the load.

It is imperative that we avoid extra help, and for this we will control the movements to the maximum concentrating ourselves in the muscle group to train. To isolate the biceps it is important to perform exercises in which the rest of the body does not act, an example is the training in the biceps bench. It is important that we support the whole arm in it and not just the elbows. This way we will isolate the maximum.

When lifting the weight is not advised to lower completely until the arm is straight, but it is better to leave the elbow a little flexed to avoid unnecessary jerks that in the end can end in injury and slow down our development. To this we have to add the importance of doing the bench exercise for biceps slowly, emphasizing the lifting, holding the weight for two seconds when we get up, and slow descent to take advantage of the return phase.

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